30 September 2008

Love is

making a choice
to do the right thing
no matter how it affects others

sticking to it
and being determined
to find good in the other person

forgiving each other
and trying to forget
transgressions but not loving actions

Like the good book says

Love is patient and kind and neither proud nor boastful. It protects all, heals all, cares for all.

29 September 2008

is what
we make of it
And sometimes
is nothing more
then that

But sometimes
Life is
so much more
then what we think it should be
because we
hope for
the best

23 September 2008

The waves call to me
as I sit here
in the midst of land
wondering when I will ever see
the ocean
and the sand
and hear the gulls call
as they fly overhead
or taste the salt spray
as the waves roar in
to greet the beach.

Landlocked as I am now
A mermaid without water
unless I make another journey to the sea
it will only live in my dreams

19 September 2008

once said
that love
heals everything
if one lets it
so do I?

18 September 2008

15 September 2008


Color blooms
even when there's no hope
Life thrives
even under the harshest conditions
Birds soar
even with clipped wings
Hope conquers
because it can

14 September 2008

Water rushes
into sound
as I sit
and watch
God's wonder
in a fall

12 September 2008

if time
could heal all wounds
and i'm sorry
could make a difference
then i wouldn't be sitting here
with tears in my eyes
wishing the mountain would go by

11 September 2008

road leading home

the road leading home
sometimes seems to be nothing more
then an overgrown path
because few seem to tread
upon its rails

03 September 2008

There is a longing
To be a better person
Then people think I should be
To be perfect
Even though I know I can't
To do everything right
When it's not humanly possible.