28 July 2013

Psalm 723

On studying prayers in the Bible (among them being the Lord's prayer) the adult Bible study class that I lead was to answer the question: "What would you want to ask of God today?"  However, due to a great discussion, we didn't get to share our prayers that we wrote ahead of time with each other.  So I thought to share it with everyone here.  And of course, I wrote it like a poem.

Image: Rainer Kn√§pper, License: artlibre

You are there in the midst of the storm, dearest Lord.  
Over the thunder's roar and the blinding lightning, 
You make your presence known.  
You comfort us and you keep us safe in your arms.  
Even when all that we seem to feel is chaos
And all that we hear is the storm, help us, dear Lord.  
Please help us to remember that it was you who gave the storm its power.  
You created the thunderous roar.  
The winds blow and die away at your whim
And the lightning strikes where you decree.
We are strong in your presence,
Because you are guiding us with and through the storms of life.