12 April 2012

My message to a family member

You don’t answer when I call to say hello
And then lament that no one cares for you
You say no one will give you thought
If you up and left or died
Even though I send you notes and messages and texts that go unanswered
You say you have no family
And never return a thing I have to give
And yet I keep giving
Hoping one day you’ll get the hint
That you can’t push me away
I’m here for you
No matter what
I don’t care what you’ve done in your life
The good and the bad
All I care
Is how happy you could be
If you’d only realize
You have family who cares
You frustrate me, push me away, think I'll leave you alone
But I am that damned stubborn
I won't leave
I'll keep pestering you
Even when the mail comes back
Return to sender
No forwarding address
I'll keep writing 
And pestering you with emails and messages and texts
Until you get the hint
I am not going away
I will be here for you
Because there's a bond that holds us together
That can never be broken
No matter what