30 August 2006


The calm of the sea calls to me......especially when all i can see is miles and miles of water and empty nothingness....it's vastness appeals to me at times.

28 August 2006

Merely in the eye of the beholder

"The sky was eerie and red, like a scene from a science fiction movie, only this wasn't a dream. It was real. And it scared me. The sky should never be that red..... I voiced my concern to my neighbor. He respond with a sly grin and said....'the color is merely in the eye of the beholder.' And that's when it dawned on me...the sky was red, yes, but then again, the grass was purple."

27 August 2006

All that is not given

Quote says it all.....this is from the bridge i call "the thinking bridge"

More pics:

"You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will live as one."

A good quote from a good song - Imagine by John Lennon (though I don't totally agree with all of the lyrics from the song)

"if love is surrender then whose war is it anyway?" ~ Frou Frou

Thught I'd post these - they are cool!

26 August 2006

The hike....part 1

Yep - that's a picture of a squirrel in a tree below...... Took it while hiking Hiltscher Trail, a local trail here in the OC

I often wonder what that squirrel was doing in that particular tree............. I mean, there wasn't really any place for him to live - it was just a tall tree wwith only a small perch branch. And I didn't scare him......so what made him run up it? The world may never know.

Of course I had to get a better look......thank whomever made digital zooms - though the darn thing doesn't work half the time on my camera. And what do I see - he'ssneaking a snack. Maybe his brothers and sisters were clamoring for him to share....maybe his mom said no snacks before dinner....who knows. But there you have it. He's a snack sneaker!