22 February 2011

I sit and stare
out the window
at things I can't have
as heartbreak fills
every inch of me.

I hold on to hope
even when
none seems to be found
sometimes wondering why
I still hold on
in the midst of all the sorrow
of the trials I endure

21 February 2011

Chill disappears
As warmth blankets the earth
Snow melts
Ice dissipates
And birds sing from naked perches
Amongst the leafless trees
Children play outside
In jeans and shirt sleeves
Where only a week before
Snow suits were needed
A day goes by
Two, three, and then a week
And even the old timers
Breathe a sigh of relief
As winter seems to break its hold
On this Midwest region
Even the nights seem to sing
Of warm spring
 When suddenly
The wind turns chilly again
The snow begins to fall
Down jackets and ear muffs
Are donned once more
As winter reminds us
That spring is really
Weeks away

16 February 2011

Ever brooding
Drifting silently onward
Fog across the field

Quietly I sit
Watching as it rolls onward
And awe in wonder

It beckons me soft
Calling like a distant ghost
Listlessly quiet

Silently aching
Something in me wants to go
With the rolling fog

15 February 2011

growing old
is optional
but getting older
is mandatory

We should sharpen
our minds
so that they never
grow old

07 February 2011

You have to look closely to see
That what you thought was one
Is actually two... or even three