26 March 2011

Early spring in the Midwest:
So early yesterday I looked out to see....
Instead of rain, it was snowing
Winter said "Ha!" to the Midwest
And brought another storm to us

But what is this, by afternoon
No snow should appear Only puddles of water
As Spring said to Winter, "you have no hold here"

(Photos taken out a classroom window before and after school)

20 March 2011


That little word

means so much

to many


when you find

long lost


12 March 2011

Spring is in the air
I can feel it
Soon the biting cold wind
The chill of the snow
Will give way to fresh erth

04 March 2011

The wind calls to me to come and play, but I cannot answer. My work lies ahead of me, reminding of my duty. If only.....

03 March 2011

I heard the geese today
As I sat at my deck
My window open
And my cat on my lap

I heard the geese today
I knew by sound
That they flew in formation
From the south

I heard the geese today
And I had to smile
As I thought what it would mean
In a short while

I heard the geese today
Another tell tale sign
That winter will go
That spring is soon to come