26 August 2006

The hike....part 1

Yep - that's a picture of a squirrel in a tree below...... Took it while hiking Hiltscher Trail, a local trail here in the OC

I often wonder what that squirrel was doing in that particular tree............. I mean, there wasn't really any place for him to live - it was just a tall tree wwith only a small perch branch. And I didn't scare him......so what made him run up it? The world may never know.

Of course I had to get a better look......thank whomever made digital zooms - though the darn thing doesn't work half the time on my camera. And what do I see - he'ssneaking a snack. Maybe his brothers and sisters were clamoring for him to share....maybe his mom said no snacks before dinner....who knows. But there you have it. He's a snack sneaker!

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