06 January 2007

Just been thinking a bit tonight – here’s my thoughts – because I tend to write better in poetry form then prose, I hope no one minds:

Life in general
Sometimes bugs the crap out of me
With all the rules
The dictates and deadlines
The hassles of everyday
And the

People in general
Sometimes bother me
Their two faced ways
Their lies and broken promises
Their competition
The grief they try to cause

Am I so naïve
To believe in promises
Made by people
Who have made promises before
And broke them?

Do I seem so innocent
That people can
And do try
To make me look
Like the idiot?

Am I a fool
For always trying
To see good in people
No matter how they frustrate me
And make me feel like crap?

I put myself through so much
To please
Others who can’t be happy
And it bothers me
That I do that To myself

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